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Image Regular Show

Regular Show

Release Date 2017-01-16
Runtime 11 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy
Stars J.G. Quintel, William Salyers, Mark Hamill, Sam Marin, Roger Craig Smith

Two bored groundskeepers, Mordecai (a six-foot-tall blue jay) and Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon) are best friends who spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any means necessary, much to the displeasure of their boss. Their everyday pursuits often lead to things spiraling out of control and into the surreal.

1. One Space Day at a Time


After the events of "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" the Park crew and Eileen must formulate a plan to survive in space and how to live in it.

2. Cool Bro Bots


The crew have an encounter with "brobots" whose purpose is to serve others, but Mordecai and Rigby are suspicious of them.

3. Welcome to Space


After learning their true mission in space, the crew is excited to make history, but Benson still wants to return home.

4. Space Creds


Mordecai and Rigby volunteer to rescue a scientist's ex-husband in exchange for space creds so they can buy hover shoes.

5. Lost and Found


Chance Sureshot loses his wallet and is enclosed in a robot's bubble until he can pay for his food. In order to free him, Mordecai, Rigby, Toothpick Sally and Recap Robot must travel to the Mantis Planet to get it back.

6. Ugly Moons


In order to get back at the Bush Station, Colonel Rawls hires Muscle Man to prank them.

7. The Dream Warrior


When Pops continues to have nightmares of an extraterrestrial creature asking for his address, the gang tries to help him.

8. The Brain of Evil


Mordecai and Rigby must stop an evil brain after Rigby releases it from a cage.

9. Fries Night


After getting dumped by Pam, Benson goes looking for French Fries ingredients with a female asteroid named Roxy.

10. Spacey McSpaceTree


Colonel Rawls puts Rigby through safety training by pairing him up with the unbearable Spacey McSpaceTree.

11. Can You Ear Me Now?


Mordecai and Rigby must go to court after accidentally creating a barrage of sounds on a planet completely inhabited by sensitive ears.

12. Stuck In an Elevator


Mordecai and Rigby go to see Fist Pump perform at the Tree Station, but get stuck in a space elevator whilst traveling to the top.

13. The Space Race


Mordecai and Rigby have to beat the Space Bush station in a dangerous race.

14. Operation: Hear No Evil


Mordecai and Rigby try to avoid spoilers of their favorite show, but Benson wants to spoil it to get revenge on them for forgetting to vacuum the house.

15. Space Escape


A mysterious new enemy, Anti-Pops, is after Pops forcing everyone on the Space Tree Station to evacuate.

16. New Beds


After escaping Anti-Pops, the gang make a quick stop to buy new beds only to encounter a bounty hunter who is after Pops.

17. Mordeby and Rigbecai


Mordecai and Rigby's butts get swapped after playing with a teleportation machine. Over time, the swapping spreads to other features, so they enlist Muscle Man for help.

18. Alpha Dome


The Park crew encounter the Alpha Dome, the first dome sent into space. When the crew go to investigate they find that its inhabitants believe that it is 1690.

19. Terror Tales of the Park VI (1)


The gang tells scary stories with a science fiction twist.

20. Terror Tales of the Park VI (2)


The gang tells scary stories with a science fiction twist.

21. The Ice Tape


The gang must travel to an ancient VCR that will play a VHS tape, made of ice, so that they can learn Pops' origins.

22. The Key To The Universe


Earl, an ancient sensei, begins training Pops for his fight with Anti-Pops, but Pops is not sure if he can or should go along with it.

23. No Train No Gain


Earl begins training Pops through the technique of the training montage which allows trainers to bend space and time while leveling up. Mordecai and Rigby use one of their songs to help Pops and end up trapping the Park crew in a montage.

24. Christmas in Space (1)


The guys celebrate their first Christmas in space by sharing stories and opening presents, but Benson gets annoyed that the stories have scary elements.

25. Christmas in Space (2)


The guys celebrate their first Christmas in space by sharing stories and opening presents, but Benson gets annoyed that the stories have scary elements.

26. Kill 'Em with Kindness


Despite all of his training, Pops still does not want to fight, so he sets up a meeting with Anti-Pops to settle things peacefully.

27. Meet the Seer


The crew arrive on Planet Nielsen where they are reunited with the Guardians of Obsolete Formats and meet the Seer who has been watching them since the very beginning.

28. Cheer Up Pops


Before arriving at Lolliland, Pops becomes despondent due to his approaching battle. The crew then try to cheer him up by recording their memories.

29. A Regular Epic Final Battle (1)


The crew arrive at Lolliland early, so they set up traps for Anti-Pops. Things seem to go off smoothly, but Anti-Pops is unfazed by their futile attempts.

30. A Regular Epic Final Battle (2)


Allies from both sides rally together for the epic fight. However, Pops and Anti-Pops are once again at a stalemate. Mordecai and Rigby are forced to jump between the two factions.

31. The Power


Mordecai and Rigby relive the first episode, but soon realize that they need to help Pops. Pops realizes that he must reach out to Anti-Pops and finally saves the universe at the cost of his life. The entire park crew return home to their friends and family where they are seen growing up and moving on to better lives. 25 years later, the entire crew return and Mordecai and Rigby reflect on Pops' sacrifice. Regular Show ends with Pops watching the series on VHS and uttering one final, "Jolly Good Show."